anti-static UHMW plastic with certain surface resistivity :

UHMW is available in a special anti-static grade that helps protect against EsD (static discharge) or to help keep dust and particles from building up on the product surface. The anti-static additives are built-in so the anti-static properties will last throughout the life of the material. UHMW Anti-Static grade is often used to replace machined metal parts and is often found to perform better and provide a longer pat life than metal parts. It is ideal in any situation where static discharge is a concern or in applications where high levels of friction may be causing wear. For example in areas where steel parts are traditionally used, parts from UHMW cause less heat build-up due to reduced friction leading to longer part life.

Xinxing sells a variety of Anti-Static UHMW Sheets.


PE1000 (UHMWPE) Anti-Static Pressed and Planed Black Sheet is a high performance polyethylene with product characteristics including reduction in dust accumulation, high wear resistance and high impact strength. The long term service temperature range of PE1000 (UHMWPE) Sheet is from 150°C to 80°C and has a short term maximum service temperature of 130°C. With a water absorption factor of <0.01% PE1000 (UHMWPE) Sheet is dimensionally very stable within humid environments. Typical fields of application for PE1000 (UHMWPE) Sheet include mechanical engineering, bearing and packing industries and electrical and electronic industries. PE1000 (UHMWPE) Sheet is a material well suited to CNC routing, CNC milling and CNC turning. Similar materials available from Xinxing include Acetal C Extruded Natural Sheet and Nylon 66 Extruded Natural Sheet. If you have a requirement for machined or finished PE1000 (UHMWPE) components please ask the Xinxing team for more information.

Features and Benefits of UHMW Anti-Static

  • Protects against dust build-up on mateiral surface

  • Resists build-up of static electricity to help prevent static discharge

  • Excellent durability

  • Good impact resistance

  • Good chemical resistance

  • Excellent abrasion resistance

  • No moisture absorption

  • Very low coefficient of friction

Common Applications for UHMW Anti-Static Grade Sheet
Conveyor guards
Belt scrapers
Chain guides
Idler rollers

Density (g/cm³)0.95
Flammability 3mm ()HB
Flammability 6mm ()HB
Elongation at break (%)>200
Tensile modulus of elasticity (Mpa)700
Shore hardness (scale D)63
Melting temperature (°C)135
Coefficient of linear expansion (10⁻⁶K⁻¹)150…230
Service temperature. long term minimum (°C)150
Service temperature. long term maximum (°C)80
Service temperature. short term (max) (°C)130
Heat Deflection Temperature (°C)79










ESD/Antistatic UHMWPE Application

Chute, hopper, and truck bed liners

Wear strips and Chain guide rails

Star wheels and idler sprockets

High speed conveyors

Packaging machinery parts

Food processing machinery parts

Bumpers, pile guards, and dock fenders

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