hdpe ground protection mat :

hdpe ground mat

HDPE ground protection

temporary hdpe ground mat

temporary access hdpe mat


hdpe ground protection mat

very durable hdpe plastic trackway mat/black plastic ground sheet/plastic temporary road mat and ground solution mat and matting is designed to move large vehicles over lawns, sidewalks, driveways and more without causing damage. Our Portable Lightweight Temporary Access Road Track Ground Protection Mat also prevents vehicles from getting stuck in muddy, wet, unstable ground conditions. Made from the highest-quality polymers, this Portable Lightweight Temporary Access Road Track Ground Protection Mat will not rot or break. These mats are used as temporary roadway solutions for lawn protection, turf protection, and as flooring systems.

Material: Special blend of HDPE plastic

Overall Size: 1220x2440x12.7mm (without treads)

Surface Area: 3m²

Weight: 40kg

Tread Options: Roadway,Walkway and Smooth, or a combination

Connectors: 4 joining points, 4 handles

Packed in: Pallet of 30 mats

Pallet Pack: Weight: 1200kg

Dimensions: 2440x1220x800mm

Fire Rating: UL94 HB 

Slip Testing: BS7976 part 2

Deflection: Tested on varying CBR ground conditions using a 300mm diameter steel platen with 6 tonnes load to simulate the pressure of an HGV wheel

Guarantee: 5 Years. If it is broken under normal use, we will replace for free

Advantages of very durable hdpe plastic trackway mat/black plastic ground sheet/plastic temporary road mat and ground solution mat and matting: 


a.Solid one piece construction
b.Unique surface 
c.Lower transport cost than other mats
d.Tough durable working areas and temporary roads for heavy plant, equipment and multiple vehicle
e.Protect against severe rutting and eco damage to ground and sensitive sites
f.Support health & safety objectives
g.A reversible low profile surface for drilling rigs, work pads, depot areas and helipads
h.Connection options for different terrain & equipment
i.Non-conductive - ideal for use on transmission projects
g.Designs and manufactured in China


thickness can be from 14-30mm







black, white, green, red, blue, yellow, orange


HDPE road mat, Ground protection mat, Temporary ground mat, construction road mat, HDPE trackway mat, Access mat, Grass protection mat, Mobile road mat, Pedestrian walking access mat, China Heavy duty HDPE polyethylene temporary plastic trackway access panel ground protection mats

a.Construction, civil engineering and groundwork
b.Pedestrian walkways
c.Emergency access routes
d.Temporary roadways and car parks
e.Utilities and infrastructure maintenance
f.Landscaping and protection of heritage or eco-sensitive areas
g.Golf course and sport field maintenance
h.Sports and leisure events
i. Beach access for wheelchair
j. Helicopter landing

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