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HDPE Sheets offer a wide range of benefits including high-impact strength, durability and the ability to resist corrosion from weather, alcohols and acids. Xinxing Plastics offers HDPE Sheets in black and natural colors for boating, commercial kitchens, and other use cases.

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  • High Density Polyethylene

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hdpe sheet professional manufacturer


What are HDPE Plastic Sheets?

HDPE is a strong, durable plastic that is able to withstand different kinds of weather, acids, alcohols, and impact, making it a popular choice across a wide variety of industries. Companies looking to improve their sustainability are also often turning to HDPE to fit their needs, since it is easy to recycle and reuse.

Are HDPE Sheets FDA Compliant?

HDPE Sheets are FDA compliant, making them a popular choice in commercial kitchens. They are dishwasher safe and easier to clean than other cutting board alternatives such as wood.

What is HDPE Panel Used For?

HDPE Panels have a wide array of use cases including the following:

Marine and Boating

Storage (such as fuel tanks and storage sheds)

Piping Systems

Swimming Pools

Folding Chairs and Tables

FDA Approved Cutting Boards

Wood Alternative for Furniture

Is HDPE Sheet Flexible?

HDPE polymer chains are relatively linear and are closer together, resulting in a stiffer plastic when compared to LDPE. These same qualities make HDPE a strong and durable plastic, which is able to resist heavy impact.

Can You Glue HDPE Sheets?

Previously, HDPE needed to be melted in order to be fused together. With recent advances in technology, new epoxy-based glues have emerged that allow HDPE to be glued to other surfaces, such as PVC or steel. However, the instructions on the glue container must be followed, since the HDPE sheets needs to be prepared before the glue can successfully applied.

How strong are HDPE Sheets?

HDPE has a high strength to density ratio, making it a strong plastic, that is able to handle high-impact stress. It is also scratch resistant and able to withstand solvents, chemicals, and alcohols, making it an ideal plastic for various use cases.


black, 48" x 96" sheets with gauge sizes ranging from 1/8" to 1"

natural: 48" x 96" sheets with gauge sizes ranging from 1/16" to 4"

natural: 48" x 120" sheets with gauge sizes ranging from 1/8" to 2"

natural: 60" x 120" sheets with gauge sizes ranging from 1/8" to 1"


Our HDPE Sheets are available in:


Natural (White)

Yellow – UV Stabilised



Marine land reclamation

Chemical installations

Pharmaceuticals & bioindustry

Livestock farming & agriculture

Fish farming


Water supply

Seawater desalination

Elevated water tanks

Sewage treatment plants

Swimming pool construction

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