uhmwpe guide block for chain conveyors :

All of our chain guides are available in various lengths and dimensions. We manufacture the guides according to customer requirements. On request, we manufacture according to customer drawings or develop individual solutions for your application.

Lengths up to 2000 mm

Available colors: natural, black, green, blue and yellow


conveyor system uhmwpe chain guide track and guide rail

Xinxing UHMWPE Chain Guide & Corner Track is Made from Virgin UHMWPE they have a low coefficient of friction, silent operation and permit high-speed lines. Xinxing UHMWPE Chain Guide & Corner Track is being used for the smooth functioning of conveyor systems, reduce noise on a machine and retard of chain and mother conveyor body. Because of its self-lubricating properties, it reduces power consumption and low coefficient allow chains to glide on UHMWPE rail and last for the longer service period.


The Benefits of Xinxing UHMWPE Chain Guide & Corner Track.

UHMW/PE provides a number of unique qualities such as:

High impact strength, while remaining flexible

High abrasion resistance

Low friction

Chemical resistance

Water repellent

Excellent dielectric and insulating properties

Stress-crack resistant

Biologically inert

FDA-certified food safe capable


conveyor system uhmwpe chain guide track and guide rail






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