made to order uhmwpe slide guide chain track rail :

uhmwpe slide guide chain track rail

uhmwpe slide track

uhmwpe slide guide rail

uhmwpe slide track rail

chain guide rail

track rail

made to order uhmwpe slide guide chain track rail


made to order uhmwpe slide guide chain track rail

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, or UHMW/PE, is one of the most versatile and efficient polyethylene plastics manufactured in today’s industrial marketplace. The Xinxing Company has been a leading UHMW/PE extruder for years and has been at the forefront of its emergence as a low-cost thermoplastic that can outperform other well-known plastics.

The Benefits of UHMW/PE 

UHMW/PE provides a number of unique qualities such as:

  • high impact strength, while remaining flexible

  • high abrasion resistance

  • low friction

  • chemical resistance

  • water repellent

  • excellent dielectric and insulating properties

  • stress-crack resistant

  • biologically inert

  • FDA-certified food safe capable

An example of UHMW/PE’s impact strength is a fender that provides a protective cushion on docks from ships weighing tens of thousands of tons. Its abrasion resistance and low friction properties make it a vital component as a buffer device in a wide assortment of machinery, saving more costly parts and components from wear. There are energy savings as well when used as a wear surface by its significant reduction of drag in conveyor applications.  Its chemical resistance properties allow it to be used in machinery containing corrosive chemicals, acids and other harsh liquids.

  • Agriculture equipment

  • Car wash industry

  • Dairy conveyor equipment

  • Water-handling equipment

  • Trucking industry

  • Snow blowing equipment

  • Shipping

  • Airport equipment manufacturers

  • Wine industry

  • Bottling industry


Different shape like C, Z, U, T and other shape is available.

made to order uhmwpe slide guide chain track rail




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